High School Interns

“The first night with the Kukui Media Group was mainly spent observing the process of all the components of a live event being put together into a digital format fit for live television,” said Meredith Higa, an outgoing senior at Hilo High School who is planning a career in advertising.

“The observing phase was amazing in itself, because I didn’t realize the camera, visual, audio, and graphics departments were all physically separated from each other (in the high definition truck),” she continued. “It still went smoothly due to the constant communication and that was impressive to me. That aspect is probably one of the biggest lessons I’ll take from this internship.”

Meredith, Matthew Cordy, also from Hilo High's video program, and Jonah Dias from Kamehameha Schools Keaʻau Campus were invited to participate in the 2011 TV broadcast by Festival Director Luana Kawelu.

“I got to sit behind the director watch him call all the shots, film a package, and even get to use a jib for a little while. The feeling of being in a production like that was such a rush, there wasn't one dull moment and it was just fun,” said Jonah Dias, who plans to continue his education at the University of Hawaiʻi-Hilo in the fall.

“Every time I was on my way to Merrie Monarch I never felt like I had to be there, I felt like I wanted to be there. None of it felt like work at all, it felt like I was just sharing my passion with others which is broadcasting,” he said.

“Filming interviews and clips of the parade was probably the most stressful part, because we were working to beat a fast-approaching deadline. At times it felt like we were just getting random clips and hoping they would fit into the storyline, but I quickly learned to keep in mind everything that would fit together beforehand, so the editor would have an easier time sorting through the shots,” said Meredith as she described her behind-the-scenes experiences.

This summer, Matt hopes to pursue his interest in video production. “I enjoyed the experience of being able to actually use my creativity to produce a 60 second "package" with the other interns that was used at the Merrie Monarch event! This internship was not just doing the dirty work or the jobs that no one wants to do, but rather the experience of what it really feels like to be apart of a video production team. Above all, I really appreciated the building of relationships with the people who have been in the media field of work for many years."